Incredible Facts About Ants

All Hail Facts About Ants

Check out these amazing, little known facts about ants.

  • If all of the ants in the world were weighed all together in a large clump on a gigantic scale, the scale would need to be re-calibrated afterwards because ants don’t stand still.
  • The power used by an ant’s mandible to crush a grasshopper’s outer armor could power a one watt LED for one one-hundredth of a second.
  • If dumped into a vat of brine shrimp, ants will fight as long as they can.
  • If all the ants on the planet were corralled and placed in a motor vehicle, they would almost certainly fill a minivan to mid window level.
  • The world’s most dangerous ant, the Stinging Ant lives in the Amazon jungle and has a bite that would require some sort of cold compress.
  • When NASA was testing their early Apollo rockets, they put an ant colony in a capsule and sent it into space. When the capsule was recovered, lets just say that the ants weren’t exactly ants anymore and a lot of folks died.
  • If you took a pound of ants and blended them into a smoothie, it would create quite a buzz around the dinner table.
  • An ant bite can be identified by two small puncture marks and redness, an ant sting can be identified by one puncture mark and death.
  • “Flying Ants” are not ants at all, they are tiny birds.
  • Ants may have a fancy exoskeleton, but it does them no good when stepped upon.