Here is a guy getting beaten, Six Ways From Sunday




Three Card Monte Tosser

Three Card Monte (Card Game) Three Card Monte or Three Card Monty is a card game that begins with a feverish and often, quite mesmerizing...
A bird attempting to travel to the moon.

Question - Why don't birds fly to the moon? It is a question that everyone wonders about but is afraid to ask. Why don't birds...
Time capsule contents

The dawn of the new millennium around 16 years ago has us at Lastsource thinking about one of the more useless ways to mark history: the...
The Angriest Cat in the World

Insects and animals have all kinds of crazy defense mechanisms.  For instance, the Colombian Death Butterfly can (and will) detach it's wings from its...

For many years now, people have not understood what the kung fu arts are really about. This page was created to set straight the...

Everyone knows that a group of geese are referred to as a gaggle.  Cows gather in herds.  Pigeons flock.  Monkeys troop. These are collective...
A Leprechaun

Leprechauns are mischievous little bastards that sneak around in the forests of  Ireland.  In order to camouflage themselves, they exclusively wear green in order to blend into...
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